In West African tradition, a Griot is a storyteller. He was an advisor to the king and a historian. He often told these stories through music and dance. Griot B is a griot for this generation of learners. He tells OUR stories through rap. He educates all about the histories of people of color. He teaches diverse crowds about race and equity. In order to do this, Griot B has created the 1st ever Black History album (OUR story) as well as the 1st ever Latinx History album (Historia). With this groundbreaking genre of teaching and music, Griot B has performed at over 40 different colleges and venues in 13 different states this 2019.

Griot B – Black Made That Live (APCA SW 2018)

Testimonials -Delgado CC

Testimonials – Texas A&M

Historia – The Latinx Album

Teaching Through Rap (De Anza High School)

Experiencing the Middle Passage

Antelope Valley College

SYR promo Video

Testimonials – BPCC

Griot B @ Golden State Warriors’ Game

The History Of School Yard Rap

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